Our mission is to consistently provide our guests with the best value-added service with the highest level of
Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism in the Auction Industry.


Being one of the Best Auctioneers in Texas we provide our services with full effort & passion. From getting maximum biddings to entertaining the crowd, we’re really good at it.

The Auctioneers and RingMasters of Foundation Auctioneers have been personally selected and are among the best in benefit, charity and foundation auction industry. We have been united from all over Texas to serve your crowd a great and fun filled auction experience each with their own unique natural ability to do what we do best. Each team member has a specialty and passion for exceeding monetary goals and maximizing income of organizations for the greater good of humanity.

At Foundation Auctioneers, we organize the goods for sale at an auction, as well as to oversee the bidding, often encouraging bidders to compete with each other to drive the price up.

The Ringmasters of Foundation Auctioneers have built a legacy over the course of 100 years. Professionals from all across Texas have invested their experience in this prestigious platform that aims to serve you with the most fun filled live auction shows.

The professionals working at Foundation Auctioneers are highly trained, experienced, and each member has his own skills and abilities that they are willing to invest in serving you. Instead of focusing on monetary goals, our professionals aim to maximize the income of other organizations for the greater good of humanity. We here at Foundation Auctioneers value the needs and requirements of our clients thus we try our best to make your experience at our auctions fun and memorable.


It is very important to hire a professional Auctioneer for your event instead of hiring a celebrity or a local volunteer who can entertain the audience. Even though entertainment is an essential part of the event but you also need to focus on the professional qualities of an Auctioneer and why you need them in order to host a successful event.

Most non-profit organizations aim to hire locals to do the job because they believe that hosting is an easy job and anyone with hosting skills can do it but that is not the case. Professional Auctioneers have better skills than a regular individual that is why it is important to hire them. Here’s why you need a the Best Auctioneers to host your event.

1. Fundraising Specialists

Professional auctioneers expert in almost all the field. They have the ability to sell everything from cars to castles but you need to remember that some auctioneers are more experienced than the other. We at Foundation Auctioneers aim to provide you with the most suitable professionals for your event so that your event can reach the maximum potential profit.

2. Consultants

Planning an auction isn’t as easy as it seems. Once you start planning your event, you will face certain problems where you will need help from a professional. Professional auctioneers have the knowledge and the experience to help you plan your entire event. Our professionals will stick with you throughout the process and light up your event on the special day.

3. Crowd Pleasers

Auctions can be quite boring at times, especially if you are trying to sell less trendy items. Most people think that you only need humor at an auction but that is not the case. A host needs to captivate the audience and keep each one of them entertained throughout the event and ensure that they bid as well. A professional auctioneer will take some time out to read your audience and then use his abilities to please the crowd.

4. Raise More Money

Professional Auctioneers have more experience and training to run the events thus they are better equipped of raising more money than an ordinary host. They know how they have to use their communication skills to build the atmosphere of the room to get the people to buy your pieces. No one can raise more funds then a professional auctioneer.


The RingMasters are just as important investment as the Auctioneer in most cases and we provide it in all in a package deal!


Founder and Lead Auctioneer

Jedd Trice, the founder and lead auctioneer of Foundation Auctioneers, is a 2nd Generation full time professional auctioneer and consultant since 2004. Jedd belongs to a family of auctioneers thus he found himself to be drawn towards this profession since he was born. We believe he was destined to host bidding wars thus picked up the pace from an early age. After graduating from the Auction Academy and getting his license he started the Foundation Auctioneers in 2004 and ever since then he is driven by the excitement and the energy at the auctions. He personally conducts 200+ auctions annually and the staff of Foundation Auctioneers doing the same or more.



Co-founder and Master of The Ring

Heather Trice, Co-founder and Master of The Ring is an asset to the Foundation Auctioneers. Her inner energy and sharp dedication to the business drives her to excellence. She is the go to person at Foundation Auctioneers thus you can for sure rely on her to use her charismatic influence to lighten up any event. She’s a team player, a true professional and has a heart of gold.




Robbie C has some amazing hosting skills that he has been using for almost 20+ years to host benefits, charity events and live auctions. His experience is unmatched and his incredible ability to get one more bid out of you is unprecedented. Robbie has seen it all and can talk the talk with any profile of bidder. When the auction starts, don’t be surprised if his section has more bids than most could count. The man is proud of his work and believes that he has found his calling in the Auction Industry.



RingMaster & Auction Assistant (Denton TX) 

Elizabeth M. our 2nd generation RingMaster and Auction Assistant is a real charm. Even though she only works part time on the weekends but still possess the skills to brighten up the event and entertain the audience. When Elizabeth shows up, she makes the team look good!



Professional RingMaster (Austin TX)

Shawn L has been the part of the Auction Industry since 1999 and as a 2nd Generation RingMaster he has entertained his audience while writing check for them. His professionalism and humor is a great asset to the foundation and his skills give him the ability to humor audience of any caliber. He’s full of energy, loves to get the crowd pumped up and always getting “just one more” bid! Trust us, when you meet Shawn, you’ll know your bidders are in for a show!



Professional RingMaster (Central TX)

Mike L is one of the most experienced and professional RingMasters. The man has been professionally part of the Auction Industry since 1972 and simply he loves what he does. His extensive auction experience across half a dozen industries makes him a true pro that you want on your team. His charisma and stature is sure to charm your bidders into “just another thousand”!



Auctioneer and RingMaster (West TX)

Corbin A is our 2ndGeneration Full Time Auctioneer and RingMaster. This man has the ability to squeeze out that last bid over and over for your cause. Fresh talent that won’t let you down and a sure crowd pleaser. Even though he is new to the industry but he has the ability to cheer the crowd and bring the most out of them. Carbon is always connecting with your bidders to encourage their generosity for your mission. He’s a utility player with a tool for every situation and a smile for every donor.